Updated 26th Aug 2021

Dear Customers

Further to updates provided on our website homepage, we would like to provide further clarification on our current shipping procedures.

We have successfully been using a remailing postal system through 2 mailing agents who have consistently ensured the delivery of our parcels over the past 4 years.

All parcels per consignment are shipped overnight via courier to Heathrow. The consignments are trackable by our mailing agents, ensuring that all parcels arrive safely at Heathrow. Following all regular clearance procedures, the parcels are injected in to Royal Mail for local delivery, or in to their international postal system where parcels are destined for other international destinations. The parcels are not trackable once injected into Royal Mail or the international postal system.

We are currently sending 2 consignments per week using cargo flights due to the ongoing flight restrictions imposed on commercial flights from Southern Africa. These collections will become more frequent once the commercial flight restrictions have eased to the UK.

Given the ongoing flight restrictions, thankfully our parcel delivery times are only slightly longer than we have enjoyed in the past, although orders should be placed accordingly to allow for the longer delivery times.

Current delivery times are as follows:-

United Kingdom               –              2.5 – 3 weeks

Greater Europe                 –             3 – 4 weeks

Rest of World                   –              4 – 6 weeks

These delivery times are consistent with normal international standards, especially considering the ongoing postal challenges as a result of the pandemic.

Please refer to our T & C’s for further information relating to Covid.


With reference to the above, we do however need to mention that postal delivery times may be unpredictable according to flight schedules as well as local postal deliveries, of which we have no control over. We are aware that some local postal services such as Royal Mail are inundated with an influx of e-commerce parcel deliveries since the pandemic started. Parcel delivery times will also be affected by random checks which customs may carry out from time to time.

We wish to take this opportunity to thank all our customers for your continued support over the past few years, and especially for your patience and understanding during these challenging times.

Please feel free to enquire with us further as required.

Kind regards,